How to Download Showbox on Android Phones/Tablets

Showbox is the current most popular entertainment app available for Movie and TV show lovers. It lets you watch Movies and TV shows on your android phone for free in high quality. You can even download your favorite content for later use. Downloading Showbox is a little tricky because it is not available to be downloaded directly from play store.

Showbox for Android

But nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered. Below we are going to provide simple guide to download Showbox application on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Download Showbox on Android

Follow the below easy instructions in order to download and use Showbox on your Android device.

1. First of all you will need to download Showbox APK file on your device.

Download Showbox APK

2. After you’ve downloaded it, copy it on your phone.

3. Open file explorer on your device and navigate to the folder where you have copied Showbox APK file.

4. Tap on Showbox APK file.

5. It’ll open and install screen, click on Install.

6. Now wait for the system to automatically install the application on your device.

7. Once it is completed, tap done.

8. Now go to your phone’s Menu and search for Showbox icon.

9. Tap on Showbox icon to start using it.

Congratulations, now you have successfully installed Showbox on your Android device. Now you can easily watch or download latest Movies and TV shows for free.

If the steps in this guide seem a little hard to you then, visit They’ve written a guide with screenshots of each step which makes it easier to follow. They also have provided answers to some frequently asked questions about Showbox under the guide.

Showbox can also be downloaded on your PC/Laptop running on Windows operating system. All you need to do is install an Android emulator and install the Showbox APK file in it. iShowboxApp has a separate guide for the same. It’s a wonderful site for a Showbox fan.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on Downloading Showbox on your Android phone/tablet. If you have any questions/queries about this tutorial, then don’t hesitate to contact us or ask us in comments, we are keen to help you out.

Microsoft Cortana reminded of promise

Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana now recognizes commitments such as “That I will do today” in emails and reminds users to request it. Furthermore, users are informed of calendar entries that are outside the usual times, such as business meetings at the weekend. The prerequisite is that emails the user will be permanently scanned. In principle reminds of Google Now.

Initially benefit from this kind of machine learning only participant in the Windows Insider program in the US and Great Britain. Subsequently, all Windows 10 users can use the new features. When they want to be available for other operating systems, betrayed Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager Cortana, in his blog entry no.

The Redmond also not reveal whether the new function also by third-party applications will be supported. In December, Microsoft announced that Outlook on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Phone in and Office 365 accounts recognize flight details and they will be in the calendar if you want to. From March to all users should be possible.

Thanks for reading. Such an amazing technology world it is where machines can remind you of things!

Google About Me Page All your Info At one Place

Why Security Matters

Many people worry about the amount of personal information that search engines like google index. With Google’s new feature – an About Me page – users can exercise more control over what information gets out there.

What You can do

This feature has been released quietly and without much fanfare but it is already catching the attention of people all over the world. Anyone who has a Google+ profile by default has an About Me page. People who do not have a Google+ profile do not have an About Me page. It is now possible to either edit or create a profile on Google which presents the most relevant information about you.

People who have fears about their privacy should definitely look it up so they can add or delete information. While it is not possible to completely hide what is already out there about you, you can at least control exactly how it is presented.

The Google About Me Page: All Your Info At One Place.

Plenty of people would not be comfortable having their phone number out there for the world to see. If that is your concern, you definitely want to rush to your About Me page to remove your telephone number from public view. Plenty of people would also want to keep their year of birth or location private for various reasons. 

This new online tool is clearly both a blessing and a curse. It is alarming to realize just how much google knows about you. It is also comforting to know that you can at least exercise control over what is shared.

Any changes you make on the Google About Me page will be reflected across all Google websites that you are signed on. User data from Youtube, Gmail, Google+ and all other google services are now merged. 

Users will now have to be careful about how they interact with others over google’s services. Now your email will become visible to anyone that you share content with or communicate with on any Google service. 

So even though your Google+ account is no longer married to your Google account, you still have an online profile that collates pretty much all that Google knows about you – including where you went to school.

The About Me feature not only makes it easier to see what others see about you online, it also makes it easier to manage your online image. Instead of dealing with snippets of information scattered all over different websites on the net, you can now manage the information all in one place.

This feature should be welcomed by many users, because it gives users the ability to manage the presentation of information that is already out there anyway.

The page closely resembles your Google + page although it looks a lot more minimalist.

Think of it as a potentially powerful personal branding tool which is both intuitive and user friendly.


When internet users make use of Google’s services – such as google maps, Photos or Google+, the company automatically collects information shared as a result. The information that is provided when signing up for a google account, such as name, age, email address, physical address, photograph and gender, is also provided.